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The Pro Organizer's Profit Plan Workshop

How to start or accelerate your dream career as an organizer without being overwhelmed OR wondering what actually works!

What you'll learn:

01) The top 3 mistakes that many professional organizers tend to make in their businesses and HOW to prevent making them yourself.

02) The secrets to finding amazing organizing clients that TRUST you to work your magic (and how to land clients

confidently, and without feeling "sales-y")

03) The secrets to finding business growth--

which applies to organizers in any stage of their business

Attract lots (and lots!) of the right clients...

Stop being scared about marketing and selling yourself...

Learn how to turn your passion for organizing into a great AND profitable business!

We promise a great hour of learning to get your organizing business on track.


Jen is a lifelong entrepreneur, and started her own pro organizing business years ago, realizing what a great career path it provided.

After starting her organizing business--and creating some unique pricing strategies and marketing strategies--Jen realized she should combine her organizing entrepreneurship with her love of business coaching, and Pro Organizer Studio was born.

Since then she's helped thousands of organizers across the world achieve their dreams through her podcast, YouTube, and her signature program, Inspired Organizer®.


Melissa left a two decade career in corporate America to launch her successful organizing business, Home By Eleven--where she has helped hundreds of clients learn there is life after clutter and chaos through both in-home sessions and her organizing course, The Overwhelmed To Organized Blueprint.

Like Jen, she had a passion to coach other entrepreneurs, and wanted to teach women there was an amazing career waiting in professional organizing. After coaching clients on four continents, now she is teaching Pro Organizer Studio community members about how to start and grow their own businesses to reach whatever goals they have.

Organizing entrepreneurs don't have to feel alone--we are here to help you!

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This year after joining your course I have sold more in my business than ever in the 6 years I have been organizing.
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I just need to tell people who will get it...almost $7000 made in a little over a month! So glad I discovered Jen on YouTube that fateful day. Not to sound dramatic, but this group has changed my life.
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